SunClean is a Certified Minority Owned Business providing earth-friendly equipment and systems for a wide variety of industrial and commercial waste management applications.

In addition, SunClean also specializes in the design & fabrication of trash compactors and automated recycling systems for commercial and industrial applications including schools, hospitals and medical facilities, nursing homes, apartment buildings, restaurants, retail establishments and shopping centers, hospitality facilities of all sizes, supermarkets and other industrial sites.

Our equipment can be found throughout the Continental United States and abroad. Employing union workers, SunClean provides a full range of waste management equipment and recycling systems. Builders and building managers may fax specifications or requests to 1-516-558-7223.

Preserving the Earth

With the help of scientists and environmentalists, government and community leaders have pledged their service in conserving the earth for future generations. Preserving our planet is no longer a topic for discussion, but a priority with serious implications if continued to be ignored. In conjunction with reducing our dependency on fossil fuel, the world community has embraced the concept of replacing toxic products with environmentally friendly ones.

SunClean is committed to preserving the environment. We assist both public and private agencies and institutions in converting to green seamlessly and economically, well ahead of impending government regulation.