Mayor Jim Reardon of the Village of Rhinebeck, NY: "We are excited to have this technology up and running and our plan is to begin a phased implementation process expanding the number of units in critical locations within the Village. I would personally like to thank Mr. Cruz for his help and excellent service in bringing this project to a successful conclusion."

Larry Prospect, Executive Director White Plains Road BID, Bronx, New York: "The units are tremendous asset for our Shopping streets. They require less attention from our sanitation people so they can place more attention to other areas. There is no visible garbage and people do not bring their household refuse to drop in the units. We hope that we will be able to afford more units for our streets."

Medina Sadiq, Executive Director, Southern Boulevard, Business Improvement District, Bronx, New York: "I am writing to tell you that we at the Southern Blvd Business Improvement District have found the units to be quite beneficial to our district. We are using the units to advertise as well keeping our district clean and beautified. The unit reduces unsightly garbage, rodents and the need to have the cans emptied so often. We are also interested in purchasing additional units to post around the district."

Tim McCarthy, principal assistant to the Commissioner of Public Works, City of Boston: “It has a ton of benefits—it will save the city time and money, keep litter from overflowing, and discourage illegal dumping of trash. This will save us a lot of time when guys are filling potholes, fixing sidewalks and doing other things.”

Jim Burkhardt, Regional Manager, Cincinnati Parks Department: “The machines are working magnificently. Normally we would be emptying the cans twice a day, but we empty the units once a week. They are better than advertised.”

Mayor David Cohen, City of Newton, MA: “Utilizing these compactors, we have saved money by reducing collections while at the same time eliminated unsightly overflowing trash cans, and reducing pests and odor.... The trash compactors exemplify our willingness to find innovative, environmentally friendly projects to enhance our community.”

Marie Torniali, Executive Director, Steinway Street Business Improvement District, Queens NYC: “The main thing for a Business Improvement District is you have to make it look neater. New benches and planters are nice, but you have to get rid of the litter. The unit has been terrific for our beautification efforts: you can see all the trash with the other cans, which is quite unsightly; but these units creates a much nicer look. We’re very pleased, especially with the visual improvement the units have made in the BID – there’s less litter, and they look beautiful.”

Gerald Checco, Superintendent, Cincinnati Park Board: “With the time savings from using the system, our trash collectors will be reassigned to other tasks, creating opportunities to do work that was not being done for lack of resources. There is always lots to do -- painting buildings, cutting grass, fixing our 60-mile trail system, and so on. Using the units, we will have more time to do other important tasks -- tasks that make us do our jobs better.”

Ted Woods, Refuse Coordinator, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ: “I was skeptical at first, but to my amazement, the machines are working great for the university. They’re very attractive and people really use them. We only have to empty them intermittently, and there’s no maintenance – we don’t have to worry about them at all. I’m a believer now.”

Michael Lambert, Aide to Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone, City of Somerville, MA: "Somerville is a densely populated city with a tight budget – so we are always seeking ways to do more with less. We had a number of constantly-overflowing trash cans in our squares that City staff were visiting four times a day or more for collection. We did a several-month test trial with five units, and they made a big difference. We've now dropped to one collection per day at our busiest spots, saving valuable staff time. The units eliminated unsightly and unhealthy trashcan overflow at each site they were placed, even at our Dunkin Donuts / Bus Stop location, and our residents have noticed with approval. We decided without reservation to purchase the trial units, and we plan to budget for more in the spring.”

Lynn Dunning, Healthcare Support Service Management Consulting Professional: "We installed 7 of SunClean's public space compactors into a hospital system in San Antonio with superlative results. Not only did they keep the trash off the floors, out of the entryways and in the cafeteria but it also saved about 4 to 5 FTE's by not having personnel routinely going by the units to check them. They also had some compacting ability which helped with the reduction of site visits. The cost savings pay for the units."