How much sunlight does it need?

The SunClean150 Compaction® system runs on a 12-Volt battery, which is kept charged by the solar panel. The battery reserve lasts for a couple weeks without any sunlight. Even in winter, with short days and cold temperatures, the units require minimal sunlight. The  SunClean150® system performs well in northern latitudes, including Vancouver, Canada, and under cloudy conditions.

Do the bags get too heavy?

Customers have not had problems with bag weight. Because the bag is readily lifted out of the low-height bin, workers have found the  SunClean150® system simple and ergonomically friendly to use.

Is the machine safe to use?

The SunClean150® system is safe and easy for anyone to use. The trash deposit hopper prevents hands from reaching into the compaction area. The unit is locked, and the motor cannot operate with either the trash removal door or rear access panel open. The machine runs on a safe, low-voltage system.

Does it create more odor problems than a regular trash can?

The system is enclosed, so odors are contained inside. Customers in New York City have reported fewer odors from the SunClean150® system in summer heat than from the open-air cans they replaced.

Is the unit susceptible to vandalism?

It’s made tough: the DEC Green SunClean150® system is constructed of heavy-gauge galvanized steel, and has a thick Lexan polycarbonate cover to protect the solar panel from impact, scratches and graffiti. To date, vandalism and graffiti have not been a customer concern.

Is it resistant to sand and saltwater?

The exterior has passed 10-year accelerated life-cycle corrosion testing. Customers with machines at beaches have had no problems with sand. The weather-resistant powder-coat finish over galvanized steel is designed for long life in icy and marine environments.

How hard is it to maintain?

The SunClean150® system is very low-maintenance. We recommend routine lubrication of the chains, and estimate that the battery will need to be replaced and recycled after 4 years. The system uses a maintenance-free, sealed 12-Volt battery.

Is it expensive?

While the SunClean150® system costs more than a regular trash can, it reduces collection requirements by 4 times or more – saving time and money. The system can pay for itself and save thousands over its lifetime. Contact us for a custom savings analysis.