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26 Sep 2013

coney island hospital brooklynConey Island Hospital Review

Here at Coney Island Hospital l am pleased to report our satisfaction with your Sun Clean 150 Trash Compactor.

Prior to its usage, we had a total of 8 trash containers stationed throughout the Tower Lobby. This created clutter,
additional debris around each trash container, and

an increase in supply costs and the frequency needed to pull trash. Currently, 1 of your Sun Clean 150 Trash Compactors has sufficiently replaced all 8 of these trash containers.

The benefits of utilizing this unit in Coney Island Hospital are abundant. Aside from the clearing of clutter that was created from having so many trash containers, we have now also been able to decrease the frequency of garbage removal and the cost of labor. The 150 Trash Compactor is very effective, easy to use, creates less debris, and more
importantly, notifies me via email when it is time to be emptied.

We are thrilled to have these units, as they have become valuable to us, and look forward to having the Sun Clean 3-in-1 compactor/bailer here at Coney Island to be established as our collection point(s) in the Tower Building.

Thank You,

Alex R. Martinez
Director, EVS

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Mayor Jim Reardon of the Village of Rhinebeck, NY: "We are excited to have this technology up and running and our plan is to begin a phased implementation process expanding the number of units in critical locations within the Village. I would personally like to thank Mr. Cruz for his help and excellent service in bringing this project to a successful conclusion."

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